Isla Bayoneta, Las Perlas

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Steve & Chris
Tue 26 Mar 2013 04:04
08:29.425N 79:02.751W

Monday 25th March 2013

Distance run: 15 nmiles

We made a last run ashore this morning to dispose of rubbish and buy a few provisions. The little 'supermarket' had obviously had a delivery since our last visit, and we were able to get some fresh bread and tomatoes, though there was no fresh fruit to be had. Landing and relaunching the dinghy was no big hassle today either, as the tide was out and the surf down, so neither of us got wet.

We lifted the anchor at lunchtime and motored in no wind and flat sea to the anchorage tucked behind Isla Bayoneta. It is really very nice here, surrounded by islands, quiet and calm. All day long hundreds of cormorants have been flying in 'V' formation across the flat water, just inches from the surface. There are so many I would think they might be migrating, but they don't always fly in the same direction.

It would be nice to stay here for a day or two, but the weather window may be opening for the passage to Galapagos tomorrow or Wednesday, so we will have to see.