Tunisia to Cartagena Day 2

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Steve & Chris
Mon 16 Aug 2010 14:50
37:46.8N 06:28.08E
Monday 16th August 2010
Log  8597
Distance run in 49 hours 223
The wind gradually settled down late Sunday afternoon and we were able to sail under full genoa and main in around 10-12 knots throughout the night and today, making good progress.  Lots of big vessels passed both ways during the night, but none gave us any problems.  Now that we can transmit as well as receive AIS (Automatic Identification System which shows the boat as a small triangle on the chartplotter of every boat fitted with the system and which all large boats must have) the big boys and girls know we are there and generally give us enough sea room when passing.  Our midday position puts us 20 miles further West than estimated which is good because the weather forecast shows more unsettled weather that we'd like to get ahead of.