Return to Great Bridge

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Steve & Chris
Fri 18 Nov 2011 23:49

36:43.27N 76:14.48W


Friday 18th November 2011


Distance run: 11 nmiles


At long last we slipped the lines at Norfolk at 09:45 this morning and have travelled a massive 11 nautical miles to Great Bridge where we are now tied up alongside the free dock between the lock and the bridge. 


The plan had been to leave with the dawn and go straight for an anchorage just past Coinjock yesterday, but two things upset that plan.  First was the realisation (prompted by Greta!) that the bridges in the Norfolk area do not open during rush hour, so leaving early would achieve nothing as we would have to wait until 0900 for the bridges to open.  So plan B was to leave yesterday at around lunchtime and make for Great Bridge, then leave there for the anchorage today.  That plan was upset by the really horrible weather we woke to yesterday, which had not been forecast.  So plan C was to stay in Norfolk until today and leave at 10:00 for the few miles to Great Bridge, which we have actually done!  Today we woke up to a bright sunny day with the temperature at 3 degrees, though it has warmed to 8 degrees now (12:40).


We really enjoyed Norfolk, and Greta and Gary’s hospitality.  On Saturday they invited us to their condo for pizza and drinks, along with Anne & Michael from Nimue, the guys from Vulcan Spirit and Christine and Tony from a Najad 37 whose name escapes me. 



Pizza party at Greta (holding flag left) and Gary’s (far right)


We had the rental car for the day on Monday and did some ‘running around’ getting items such as charts and new slippers.  We had planned to leave on Tuesday but the weather for Wednesday was not looking good so we decided to stay till Thursday.  We had a walk into Norfolk and Gary took us for another trip to the local supermarket to stock up for the trip down.  We invited Greta and Gary to the boat for drinks on what we thought was our last evening on Wednesday, and that was when Greta reminded us about the bridge closures at rush hour.  So, what with one thing and another, although we enjoyed Norfolk and Gary and Greta’s company, we are glad to have got away – even if only 11 miles upriver!


m_PB150001.jpg                                           m_PB150003.jpg          

Scott-Free in her slip with the condos in background.                                                                      And from the dock with Portsmouth in the background.


m_PB150004.jpg                                           m_PB150005.jpg

Shared outdoor area at the condos.                                                                                                        A leafy Norfolk street near the condo.