Exploding cans

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Steve & Chris
Sun 19 May 2013 02:19
09:34.34S 130:59.737W

Saturday 18th May 2013

Distance run so far: 2338
Distance run Day 17: 137
Total distance run: 2475 nmiles

I decided to investigate the odd smell coming from the aft shower. I had been blaming Steve's dirty t-shirt for the pong, but on closer investigation found it to be innocent (although not completely!) Digging down amongst the contents stored there, I moved a pack of tins of tonic water, and as I did so there was a bang and a hiss as one of the cans exploded! It turned out that eight of the twenty four cans were empty, their bottoms blown out, and their contents were swilling around the bottom of the shower making the offending pong. I spent the next hour washing it all out and now it smells sweet again.

Other than that little bit of excitement it has been a quiet day. The sea and wind have become much lighter and it has been quite a pleasant day. A few more like it would be very welcome.