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Steve & Chris
Sun 23 Aug 2009 15:57
38:45.7N 23:19.3E
Saturday 22nd August 2009
Weighed anchor 10:30 after puzzling over breakfast how we had managed to be set down towards a fishing marker (white plastic container floating on surface marking a fishing pot or net below) when there had been no wind or tide to take us.  Finally realised the fishermen had checked the pots in the night and put them back in a different spot!!  Der!!
We were making for Loutra Aidhipsou, 7 miles down the coast, which is a spa town supposedly visited by wealthy Greeks, and we thought we'd give it a look.  However, when we arrived we found a tiny harbour absolutely crammed full of fishing boats and it was blowing 20 knots of wind right into its entrance which was partially blocked by a ferry!  We eyed up the rings on the outer wall but decided the boat might get damaged if we tied up there, and in the end decided to give the harbour a miss.  We went to a cove a little along the coast but that didn't seem to offer much shelter,so in the end we decided not to have a spa with the rich and famous of Greece and to head on down to Limni, 15 miles to the south.
So we had a lovely sail along the coast with the Evian hills on our left, enjoying looking out for the gusts of wind off the hills which we could clearly see on the water as we approached them.  The wind would go from 7 or 8 knots to 19 or 20 in seconds, blow for a minute or so and then die back again just as quickly. 
It picked up again as we approached Limni and for a while we wondered what sort of shelter Limni would offer, but as we made our way through the dinghy racing in the bay the wind started to drop and the
sea calmed.  The entrance to Limni harbour is very narrow and very shallow and we edged Scott-Free in with half a metre of water under the keel at the narrowest point.  Once in, though, it widened out a bit and deepened a bit and we found a good spot alongside another yacht, disturbing their afternoon siesta as we tied up.  The Greek couple on board helped us with our lines and spoke good enough English for the usual 'where have you come from/are you going to' conversation.
From our side of the harbour to the other- it's quite tight!
Sunday 23rd August 2009
Decided to stay for a day or two.  The Greek couple left at lunchtime and we moved into an empty spot on the harbour wall.  Steve found a taverna with a telly and watched the Grand Prix, and as we have found some unsecured wifi Chris has been bringing the blog bang up to date.  Steve is now fixing the sundowners and Chris is signing off to go and drink one!