Rainy weather jobs

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Steve & Chris
Thu 7 Jan 2016 23:16

Thursday 7th January 2016


The last few days have been horrible weather-wise, with non-stop rain, and we have spent most of them on the boat.  We ventured off for a few hours on Monday to see Nick off at Central Station, as he headed off to the airport for his trip home.  Before we could get ashore, the dinghy had to be emptied of several inches of rain.



Steve bailing out the dinghy.


We decided to hunker down on the boat until the weather improved, and to start to get our plans together for our upcoming road trip.  During this time the fresh water pressure pump packed up, so Steve spent part of one day curled almost double on the galley floor with his head in a cupboard fitting a new one.



Steve with his head in the cupboard fitting a new pump.


Having fitted the spare pump, we then needed to find a chandlery that could sell us a replacement.  The ARB fridge/freezer also needed to be taken to the local dealer to get its digital display looked at, as parts of the LED digits were no longer lighting, and the three-year warranty was about to run out.  With several other jobs to do, a car would be helpful, so today we ventured out into the slightly improved weather to collect a hire car.  We got a good deal for a week’s hire, and so the plan is to combine a few trips out with some running around getting jobs done.