Happy New Year!

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Steve & Chris
Sat 1 Jan 2011 17:14
15:06.865N 49:29.42W
Saturday 1st January 2011
Distance run in 24 hours:  122
Total distance run:  1451
Distance left:  600
Another fairly slow day's progress due to winds around 10-15 knots and large rolly seas which continually tip the wind out of the sails.  Fairly pleasant weather wise, with the temperatures now going up quite considerably during the day - the thermometer shows the outdoor temperature at 30 degrees right now and down below in the nav area where I'm typing this it's 32 degrees.  Blue skies with fluffy white clouds, and a bit more wind would be good!  With 600 miles left to go that's 5 days at an average 5 knots, but we're not making that at the moment in 8 knots of wind.  Just have to hope it picks up a bit later.
We've spotted two birds in the last couple of days - a small black and white storm petrel and today a much larger gannet.  Apart from the flying fish, we see very little wildlife, so it's quite exciting when we do!
We had a quiet New Year's Eve with just the two of us and some bubbly to toast in the New Year.  Rob & Sarah called up on the VHF and we wished each other a Happy New Year.  Thanks for the email new year wishes from family & friends.
Toasting in the New Year mid-Atlantic.                                                                    A close-up in daylight of the chart to show the boat position on New Year's Day 2011.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our family and friends - may it bring you health, peace and happiness, and all you wish for - and then some!