Loutraki, Skopelos

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Steve & Chris
Tue 7 Jul 2009 17:18
39:09.9N 23:36.9E
Tuesday 7th July 2009
A lazy breakfast and ready to go by 10.30.  We pulled in the kedge anchor line and got as far as the anchor, but it just would not break out.  We realised we were caught on something and the only thing to do was to call out a diver.  Having been in the harbour a few days we had already seen this happen on several occasions, and were not amused that it was now happening to us.
The diver duly arrived and went down to have a look, and sure enough we were caught on the old mooring chain.  He took the best part of an hour to get us free, and charged us 80 euros for his efforts, but eventually we were on our way.
When we got out of the harbour we put the sails up and with the wind on the beam we had a lovely gentle sail across to Loutraki.  Kerrie and Lee took it in turn to steer the boat or be on dolphin watch, but none wanted to play today.  They both did a good job of keeping us on our heading and we enjoyed the two-hour sail.
In Loutraki there were only a couple of boats on the pontoon and we dropped the kedge again and joined them.  As soon as the boat was secure, we donned swimming kit and Lee did what he had been driving Kerrie mad about for the last few weeks - he jumped in off the back of the boat!  Once we had cooled off we went for a walk around the harbour.  It would be a long, hot 3km walk up to the town of Glossa perched on top of the hill and we all decided it was too hot and too far so we gave it a miss.
We went back to the boat for another swim, and passed a sign that said swimming was not allowed in the port area!  Anyway, we were too hot to walk round to the beach so we swam off the boat again and waited for the swimming police to tell us off.  They didn't. 
That evening we ate on board and enjoyed watching the sun go down over the sea.