Afloat again - again!

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Steve & Chris
Thu 26 Mar 2015 22:31

35:43.407S 174:19.561E


Thursday 26th March


Once we were safely back in the water we took the boat and the mechanic Glenn for a test drive down the river to check for the noise.  Unfortunately it was still there, but seemed to come and go depending on the engine revs.  As it wasn’t there at our usual cruising revs, we decided we could live with it, and hope that it would sort itself out.  The general feeling was that the noise was probably due to things (technical term) in that propshaft area having dried out during the year on the hard, and that with use it would gradually loosen up as sea water passed through it and the noise would eventually disappear.  Fingers crossed!


When we were safely tied up back on B18 in the Town Basin, Steve went to speak to Sharron in the office about our concerns regarding the wasted anode and the possibility of a stray current around the pontoon.  She was, as always, very helpful and suggested we might like to move to a slip on C pontoon when the boat there left at lunchtime.  So this afternoon we left our very rickety finger pontoon on B dock and slipped across the water to a very smart concrete finger pontoon at C17.  Slightly further to walk to the loo and showers, but a nicer spot.


With the last major problem sort of sorted, it’s now just a case of finishing off minor jobs and re-stocking the boat with provisions, and then we’ll be ready to head out of Whangarei.