Crossing to the other side

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Steve & Chris
Thu 19 Aug 2010 16:33
37:35.79N 00:59.09W
Thursday 19th August 2010
Log  8965
Distance run in 24 hours  117
Total distance run  591
Lack of wind continued overnight, so at 02:27 we motored across the Greenwich Meridian and are now back in the Western hemisphere.  As day dawned the wind picked up to a respectable 16-18 knots on the beam so we hoisted sail, switched off the engine and enjoyed a glorious sail for the last 30 miles of the journey.
Unfortunately the rain clouds returned and we arrived in Cartagena in the rain.  However, as we turned into the approaches we were rather surprised to see a submarine surface just to port and accompany us into the harbour.  We kidded ourselves it had been sent to escort us in!
Rob & Sarah were there to welcome us, having arrived from Sardinia two days before.  We were soon tied up and enjoying drinks aboard Serafina.  Cartagena was much as we remembered it, although somewhat smarter.  It was about to host a sailing race sponsored by Audi, the MedCup and so was very busy.  We are likely to be here for a few days as the Yacht Club has a swimming pool which is free to marina customers and Sarah informs me there is an El Corte Ingles here which of course just demands to be explored!