Banda Neira ashore

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Steve & Chris
Sat 29 Jul 2017 22:06

Sunday 30th July 2017


After a quick tidy-up of the boat, we dropped the dinghy and paddled across to the steps.  Very convenient, we didn’t even need to put the outboard engine on.  We went first to the Information Centre and handed in five copies of the requested paperwork, and collected some information about the town and tours.  Then we went for a wander around the town.  The Banda Islands are a tourist destination, being the original Spice Islands, and two ferries arrive here in Banda Neira regularly bringing passengers from Ambon.  There are three hotels here, and a dozen or more restaurants/cafes in a lively little town centre.


m_IMG_3425.jpg                m_IMG_3426.jpg

The Maulana Hotel is hosting the Sail2Indonesia Rally.  They have set up an Information Centre by the steps ashore.


m_IMG_3408.jpg                m_IMG_3403.jpg

Rally boats moored Med-style to the wall.                                                            The dormant volcano across the water from the boats.


m_IMG_3405.jpg                m_IMG_3406.jpg

The “big ferry” arrives and just about makes its turn to go alongside the commercial dock, just along the wall from the rally boats. Phew!


m_IMG_3329.jpg           m_IMG_3330.jpg

A typical shopfront.                                                                                                        Smart housefront.


m_IMG_3331.jpg            m_IMG_3348.jpg

The local market.                                                                             Need a new propeller?  This shop has loads...


m_IMG_3349.jpg                m_IMG_3347.jpg

Buckets with home-made handles.                                                                          Uh-oh, all loaded up, and now it won’t start!


The town had a nice feel to it, and we were greeted everywhere by smiling faces and calls of “Hello”, from children and adults alike.  We were glad we had come early, and were definitely in no hurry to leave!