Cosy toes

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Steve & Chris
Fri 29 May 2015 02:15
29:14.78S 176:28.983E
Friday 29th May 2015
Distance run so far: 250nm
Distance run Day 3: 124nm
Total distance run: 374nm
Conditions have improved somewhat with lighter winds and flatter seas.  Main problem is the number of squalls we are surrounded by every morning which prevent us using the sails to the full as it is impossible to tell how much wind they have in them.  Yesterday afternoon and for about an hour today we have been between squalls and so getting up a reasonable speed.  And staying dry for a few hours.  Sounds like fun doesn't it?
We are once again sailing in company with our good friends Mary and Rod on Sheer Tenacity, and were pleased to see them appear behind us yesterday morning.  We kept pace with each other pretty much all day, and Steve got this shot of them as the sun went down last night.
Sheer Tenacity pass us at dusk.
Yesterday we had our first cooked meal of the trip - neither of us had fancied either making or eating one before then.  Not that we hadn't eaten, but just grazed on what we fancied when we wanted it.  But beginning to get our sea legs now so it's chicken curry today!
It's starting to warm up a bit, though still cold in the wind and at night.  We're still wearing full oilies for night watches, and are both pleased with our new Spinlock life vests, which are more comfortable than the old ones.  When it's dry I can be seen sporting my new 'passage slippers' which keep my feet wonderfully warm.  At $5 they must be the best bargain I got from Warehouse in our entire time in NZ.  They were actually two pairs for $10 so I expect Pepe on Beez Neez has cosy toes too!
Enjoying a brief bit of sunshine in a messy cockpit!                                Cosy toes!