Christmas Eve on board

Scott-Free’s blog
Steve & Chris
Fri 24 Dec 2010 13:29
16:47.622N 31:34.06W

Distance run in 24 hours: 125
Total distance run: 393
Distance left: 1645

This morning dawned bright and sunny and after a peaceful night of good sleep and good, if somewhat slow, sailing, we both feel a lot cheerier today. The distance run reflects the time spent faffing around yesterday with sails and poles, but isn't too bad. The wind this morning is around 12 knots but could do with having a little more North in it to enable us to sail the rhumb line. We are never satisfied! An email comment from a friend put it all into perspective - "A bad day sailing is better than a good day in the office." Thanks Roy.

Showers on the aft deck followed a breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and check-in with Serafina and the Rum-runners radio net. All is well on board Serafina, where they are pleased to have mended the bimini cover as the sun is very strong today, and where the cook has given the mate permission to fish for dinner. We wait to hear of the weight of the new arrival on board! Our fishing tackle remains in place but unused so far this trip. We somehow need to feel strong enough to have a go - it's not the catching and landing of the fish, but what follows, with blood and guts and fishscales all over the deck... The old hands at it on Serafina have worked out how to keep this mess to a minimum - they have, after all, caught plenty already - but we will need to work it out as we go along, and so, as I say, that is for another day...