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Wed 16 Sep 2009 15:54
37:40.7N 23:19.5E
Wednesday 16th September 2009
We set out for Epidhavros, on the mainland, with the plan of stopping in a bay somewhere along the way for lunch and a swim.  With this in mind we set our course to round the bottom of Angistri, the island just west of Aigina.  The chart showed a couple of anchorages off its south west corner, sheltered by a little islet, Nisos Dhoroussa and we arrived in one of these just after midday.  It was a charming place, and we had been beaten there by several boats, but not enough to make it crowded, so we dropped the anchor and went for a swim.  Within a very short time we were joined by several more boats, and realised we had accidentally happened upon a bay that was obviously well-known and very popular - with good reason.
When it came to time to set off again, we realised we were all reluctant to leave, and decided that we would make the most of this lovely place and stay the night.  We were swinging free on the anchor and decided that for an overnight we needed to tie back, so we waited to see whether the boats nearest to us were staying too or leaving.  If they left, we could just take a line ashore where we were, but if they stayed we would have to move.  As the afternoon wore on and boats started to leave, the ones beside us stayed put, so we pulled up the anchor and moved to a different spot.  After some interesting manoeuvres from James in the rib, we got a line ashore, and then settled back to see the boats we had just moved away from do the same! 
We were now in a good spot for the night, made more interesting by the Danes on the next boat who continued to swim and sunbathe in the nude as if we were not there!
Nisos Dhoroussa, sheltering the bay                                                Lovely - but popular