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Sat 20 Jun 2015 00:07

Saturday 20th June 2015


Yesterday the wet and windy weather eased up a bit and the sun came out.  It seemed a good day to visit the tropical gardens about 5 km outside of Savusavu, so we hailed a taxi outside the marina and within ten minutes we were at the gates.  We were met by Enoch, a large and friendly Fijian who took our admission fees, gave us our printed guide sheets and invited us to stay as long as we liked.


We then spent a delightful hour or more following the boardwalk path through a lush garden of mainly palm trees, many of whose varieties are under threat of extinction.  At the top of the uphill section was a deck, shaded by trees, from which there was a beautiful view over the gardens to Savusavu Bay beyond.  Here we sat and enjoyed the view, and the calm, peace and quiet, for a while, before continuing the tour downhill.


m_IMG_5149.jpg                m_IMG_5105.jpg

At Fiji Flora Tropica Gardens, Savusavu.                                                                The well-constructed boardwalk leading through the gardens.


m_IMG_5109.jpg                m_IMG_5112.jpg

Foxtail palm                                                                                                                       Fishtail palm.


m_IMG_5113.jpg           m_IMG_5120.jpg

I named this the ‘corrugated palm’ – one of my favourites.                          Vanilla growing up a traveller palm.


m_IMG_5122.jpg            m_IMG_5125.jpg

A stilted palm.                                                                                   Liked the name of this one – the Diamond Joey.


m_IMG_5127.jpg            m_IMG_5130.jpg

Snakeskin palm, often home to the snake it mimics!        Bismarck palms – very grey/silver by comparison.


m_IMG_5138.jpg            m_IMG_5139.jpg

A shady spot under the palms


m_IMG_5132.jpg                m_IMG_5136.jpg

View from the boardwalk out over Savusavu Bay.                                            View from the top deck.


m_IMG_5141.jpg            m_IMG_5142.jpg

A splash of colour.                                                                           Interesting pattern on this palm trunk.


The gardens were established in 1998 and are accredited by Botanical Gardens Conservation International, a plant conservation charity based in Kew, England.  They are well worth a visit.