Shopping for spices in St George's

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Steve & Chris
Mon 4 Jun 2012 17:18



Monday 4th June 2012


We caught the bus to the Carenage, and strolled around its edge, stopping for lunch at a Roti shop, and then on into the centre of St George’s. 


m_P6040033.jpg                           m_P6040034.jpg

Looking across the Carenage to the town.                                                                            The statue of Christ of the Deep, blessing mariners.


m_P6040035.jpg                           m_P6040036.jpg

Looking back across the Carenage towards Christ of the Deep.                                   The old Public Library building, restored.


It’s quite a lively, noisy town with narrow, steep roads and lots of traffic making frequent use of horns!  We visited the spice market as James wanted to take back some typical Grenadian spices as presents.



Shopping for spices at the market.


Then back on the bus to the shopping mall at Grande Anse for a quick wander around the US supermarket to see what they stock – we found the first Twinings Assam teabags since arriving in the Caribbean – and just after James brought a shedload out with him!  We also found a computer shop near the bus stop where we can take our printer for repair.  At home we wouldn’t bother to even have it looked at, as it only cost £40 new, but it would be difficult to find another that does everything and fits in the available space, so if we can get this one mended that would be good.