Deck showers

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Steve & Chris
Wed 4 Nov 2015 19:51

27:18.695S 159:14.684E


Wednesday 4th November 2015


Day’s run:  115 nmiles

Total distance run:  500 nmiles


Little wind, motoring on calm seas.  Excellent opportunity for a deck shower, after which we both felt human again.  Slow progress but very pleasant conditions.  We had the twin headsails out for three hours yesterday, which gave the engine a rest, but then the speed dropped too much and the iron topsail went on again.  Are now approaching an area with a lot of seamounts where the water can get lumpy and staying in the deeper water is best.  Some of the seamounts rise to within 300 metres of the surface, from 4-5,000 metres, so not surprising the sea gets disturbed around them.


The front is expected tomorrow, with heavy rain, so we must make the most of the good weather while we can.



Calm and beautiful – we never tire of watching the sun set.