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Steve & Chris
Thu 29 Aug 2013 21:42

16:31.979S 151:42.381W


Thursday 29th August 2013


Distance run: 6 nmiles


Another romp through the reefs (actually a crawl, but it doesn’t alliterate) this morning brought us to this delightful anchorage in the south-east corner of the lagoon.  We are tucked up behind a sandy motu with Ile Taha’a visible beyond, and the water is clear and turquoise.  I can see why those who like sun, sand and sea holidays like to come here. 


We will stay a day or two, do some snorkelling, and then start to think about getting ready for the next passage, which will take us out of French Polynesia to Suwarrow, some 700 nmiles north west of here.  Or we may stop at Maupeti, another French Polynesian island about 25 nmiles from here.  Who knows?  Much will depend on the weather, as always.


m_IMG_2389.jpg                m_IMG_2391.jpg

The sandy motu, with Ile Taha’a beyond.                                                             In the other direction, these motus host the Sofitel, Bora Bora.


m_IMG_2383.jpg                m_IMG_2384.jpg

We have to avoid these – could be a coral head or ‘bommie’.                      Another lump in the water!



Another view of the peaks – this one from south-east.