St Pierre

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Steve & Chris
Sun 13 Feb 2011 01:15
14:44.34N 61:10.674W
Sunday 13th February 2011
Distance run: 32 nautical miles
We checked out on Saturday morning as planned, then spent a couple of hours trying to put credit on our Digicel Caribbean mobile phones.  We usually top up online but had to resort to usng the computer at the internet cafe when our laptop decided to play dead, and the French do not have QWERTY keyboards, so we managed to get our password wrong and got blocked out of the account.  They still are not topped up, despite speaking to Digicel Barbados on Skype and being assured the account would be unblocked.  Hey ho.
We had just got back to the boat and put the rib up on the davits when we heard from Serafina that they were just approaching the anchorage.  We decided to wait to say 'Hi' to them, and as they had about fifteen minutes till Customs closed, Steve whizzed Rob ashore in the rib (hastily lowered again) and I joined Sarah for coffee.  Well, as you can imagine, having been apart for a whole week we had lots of news to catch up on, so when the 'boys' returned they also had coffee, then beers, then lunch...  Eventually we returned to Scott-Free around 17:00 having arranged to meet again for drinks and then dinner ashore at 19:00.  Another opportunity to enjoy the French style cuisine, and enjoy it we most certainly did...
Needless to say, we did not make it to St Anne's that day, or at all actually, as the next morning we left Le Marin and sailed the thirty miles or so round to St Pierre.  On the way we passed Diamond Rock, which spent 18 months in 1804/5 as HMS Diamond Rock.  At that time the British largely controlled Caribbean waters but were short of ships, so they kitted the rock out with canons and enough supples and water for a crew, and HMS Diamond Rock was an unpleasant surprise for unsuspecting ships sailing into Martinique!
Diamond Rock from the East                                                                            and close to from the West.  Imagine hauling canons to the top!
We sailed in reasonably calm seas round to St Pierre and dropped the anchor in flat calm water just off the beach.  Then we went for the long-awaited swim.