Siracusa (Syracuse)

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Steve & Chris
Sat 30 Aug 2008 10:59
37:03.69N 15:17.37E
We timed our arrival in Siracusa yesterday just right, it seems, as we were no sooner tied up safely than some very angry-looking storm clouds appeared and we had a thunderstorm - with rain as well!  We were advised to pull the boat's bow well back from the pontoon as strong winds were expected, but they never came, and we had a quiet and peaceful night's sleep.  There is a lovely anchorage just across the bay from us, and had the outboard been behaving itself we probably would have anchored.  However, the anchorage is too far out to row to/from, and we can't depend on the outboard at the moment.  It has a habit of cutting out when we open the throttle and will just about chug along at maybe 2 knots if we speak to it nicely.  We will see if we can get it looked at here.  We've not had a lot of luck in finding people to do the jobs we need done so far in Sicily.
That said, the Sicilians are a very friendly and helpful people.  They have been very tolerant of our attempts to communicate - indeed have gone to lengths to ensure they understand us and are able to help.  We can at least say please and thank you now in Italian!
We have been ashore and bought some provisions, and plan to do a bit of sightseeing later.  Photos may follow!
Tomorrow we set sail for Zakinthos, on the other side of the Ionian, a passage of about 290 miles.