Opunga Cove

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Steve & Chris
Fri 24 Apr 2015 18:01

35:15.529S 174:12.384E


Friday 24th April 2015


A slow start to the day with a late breakfast and a few hours whiled away in the cockpit taking in the beautiful surroundings.  The day had dawned sunny and clear, with a fairly strong wind which meant that fishing might not be possible, but we decided to head out into the bay so see what conditions were like.  With the wind now behind us, we took the lazy option of unfurling the yankee and sailed comfortably under headsail alone between the beautiful islands.  It became apparent that the water was too choppy for drift fishing, and so after a pleasant sail, we headed for our anchorage for the night in Opunga Cove.  Here it was even more sheltered than Paradise Bay, with flat water. 


After lunch we tried fishing from the boat in the anchorage, but after catching only a few small snapper, we gave up and just enjoyed the peace and calm of the surroundings.  Bangers and mash for supper tonight then!


m_IMG_4927.jpg                m_IMG_4929.jpg

Anne & Mike said they could get used to this sailing lark!                              Sailing between the beautiful islands.