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Steve & Chris
Tue 14 Mar 2017 19:23

27:51.95S 153:20.91E


Tuesday 14th March 2017


We were re-launched yesterday, and went into a berth at the boatyard so that we could be checked for stray currents before leaving.  The guy came with his electrode and meter late in the afternoon, and tested us first without shore power connected, and then again with.  All readings were within normal range, and no naughty currents anywhere, so all good.


By then the tide was too low to return to the marina, so we left on the high tide this morning and by lunchtime we were safe and snug back in our F12 berth.


Now to start getting the boat ready for the trip north, in between a trip to Adelaide to see Steve’s niece Sam, a recently qualified doctor doing a placement there, and an unexpected but much-looked-forward-to visit from my brother Andy at the end of the month.


Busy, busy, busy...