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Thu 17 Sep 2009 14:15
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Thursday 17th September 2009
As it was only 10nmiles to Epidhavros, we decided to make the most of the anchorage and stayed until after lunch.  We arrived in the harbour at Epidhavros mid-afternoon and had no trouble finding a space on the town quay.  It was an attractive harbour and seafront, and we went for a walk to find the best way to get to the ancient theatre which is reported to be the best preserved example in Greece.  It turned out to be a taxi trip and we were considering whether to go today or tomorrow when some very dark clouds appeared over the hills and made the decision for us.  We would go tomorrow.
Instead we took a seat in an ice-cream parlour on the front and treated ourselves to an ice-cream.  Even James was surprised when he saw the size of his ice-cream waffle!
Will he manage it?                                                                                    The town quay in Epidhavros
Fortunately, the thunderstorm waited until we were back on the boat before it started.  It was quite spectacular with forks of lightning lighting up the entire sky, and very heavy rain, and it lasted a good couple of hours.  When it finished, though, everywhere smelt sweet and fresh and clean.
Next morning we took a taxi up to the ancient theatre, which was indeed well-preserved, and had a wander around amongst the remains of several other buildings.  The Greeks have obviously decided that rather than look at piles of stones and try to imagine what the buildings had looked like, they would rebuild them.  Whilst not a bad idea in theory, it meant that the site of the remains both looked and sounded like a building site and it was impossible to get a feel of the place.  I preferred Olympia.