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Steve & Chris
Sun 30 Aug 2009 14:19
38:23.25 n 23:47.9E
Friday 28th August 2009
After a disappointing overnight stay at the yacht club we decided to move on to Eretria.  We slipped moorings late morning and passed under the suspension bridge which is the other Halkida bridge and with a height above water of 30 metres presented our 18 metre air draught with no problem at all. 
No waiting around for this one to open in the middle of the night!
Once again the wind was in the NW so we put out the yankee and enjoyed a lazy 5.2 knots in 16 knots of wind, every so often doing a bit more as the gusts came off the hills on our port side.  We were in no hurry as we only had to cover 15nm or so.  By 1400 we were at anchor in Eretria, having made two attempts at getting the anchor to set as it's rather weedy.  It's a large harbour with car ferries almost constantly arriving and leaving, but they are small and only cause a bit of swell - nothing compared to the high speed cat ferries of Skiathos town!
Sunday 30th August 2009
Still in Eretria.  It's a nice town and a pleasant anchorage.  Two of the three boats that were here when we arrived left yesterday, so there's plenty of room.  Yesterday was laundry day and Chris caught up on all the washing.  Every time she does a big wash she swears she will not let it pile up again - hmmm - we will see...