Re-crossing the Equator

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Steve & Chris
Wed 11 Oct 2017 12:17

0:00.0S 104:50.374E


Wednesday 11th October 2017


We set off in flat calm seas and no wind, so didn’t even bother to put the main up.  As we approached the equator at mid-morning, we cut the revs on the engine and drifted slowly across the line that divides the globe in half horizontally, as all around us the dark clouds gathered. 



Glassy seas and not a breath of wind as we set off this morning.


m_IMG_0057 (2).jpg          

The chart plotter shows all the zeros as we cross the Equator.


m_IMG_0064.jpg                m_IMG_0065.jpg

Every way we looked, storm clouds were gathering...




As we drifted from the southern hemisphere into the northern, we raised our glasses of G&T to King Neptune as the skipper (rather reluctantly I felt) tipped Neptune’s tot into the briney.  “Is that neat gin?” he asked, aghast.  “Yes”, I replied, “He likes his alcohol strong!”  Steve followed it up by sharing one of his olives, and then I set afloat our galleon from Putra in Wangi Wangi.


m_IMG_0060.jpg                m_IMG_0061.jpg

“Is that neat gin?” asked the skipper, aghast...                                                  ...and then tipped it into the briney for King Neptune.


m_IMG_0063.jpg                m_IMG_0068.jpg

Putra’s galleon about to be set afloat at the Equator.                                     Skipper raising his G&T to King Neptune.


Neptune must have been happy with his gifts, as the darkening clouds passed us by untouched ;-)