Blue Mountains (4) - Three Sisters

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Steve & Chris
Tue 12 Jan 2016 22:31

Tuesday 12th January 2016


First stop were the Three Sisters rocks to take a photo in daylight.  Rather a grey start to the day, so not great photos.


According to one Aboriginal legend, the pillars were once three beautiful sisters who were turned into stone by a powerful tribal elder. The women had fallen in love with three brothers from another tribe, but were forbidden to marry under tribal law. The brothers decided to capture the three sisters, so the elder turned the women into stone to protect them.


m_IMG_0545.jpg                m_IMG_0546.jpg

Plaque at the Echo Point viewpoint.                                                                        The Three Sisters rocks and Jamison Valley.


We then set off for the drive back to Sydney.  We stopped off at the little town of Wentworth Falls and took a stroll along the main street.  A quaint little town, it had its origins as a depot for the convicts building Cox’s Road across the Blue Mountains in 1814-15.




Stopping for a coffee before hitting the road again, I was caught on camera as I discovered what had happened to the piece of cake that had fallen off my fork...




The people at the next table seemed to find it amusing too.