A lovely sail

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Steve & Chris
Wed 23 Mar 2011 04:01
17:04.2N 61:40.2W
Wednesday 23rd March 2011
Distance run: 23 nmiles
We left Falmouth Harbour around 0930 for the beat round to Green Island on the East coast.  If we sailed the rhumb line it would have been 9 miles.  The wind was dead on the nose once we rounded the headland, and so we had to put in several tacks. We actually sailed 23 miles, and it was a beautiful beat to windward in lovely conditions, with the wind 12-15 knots and the sea as well-mannered as I have known it since we arrived on this side of the Atlantic.  Obviously it was on its best behaviour for James.
We arrived at the anchorage mid-afternoon and picked our way through the shoals to a lovely spot in a deserted bay.  We were slightly perturbed by the wreck we passed on the reef on the way in,but at least we knew which way NOT to go!
A sad sight.
We dropped the anchor in Ricketts Bay on Green Island and immediately went for a swim and snorkel on the reefs on one side. Steve got a bit of a shock when he came face to face with a huge fish and decided not to stay around long enough to make its acquaintance!   We saw a turtle several times,but never long enough to photograph.  It would surface a couple of times, took a good look round and then go below again , so we never had enough time to grab the camera before it disappeared!
Ricketts Bay, Green Island.  Beach to the left...                                                  ..and beach to the right - and no other boats - lovely!
Just as the sun was about to go down, another boat arrived and anchored in OUR anchorage- cheek!  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.  In the morning a large day-tripper catamaran arrived and filled one beach with holidaymakers for a few hours at lunchtime, but they were not noisy like the Turkish gulets,and provided us with entertainment,particularly when the catamaran had to relaunch itself off the beach from which the tide had dropped since it arrived!  A lot of engine roaring and clouds of black smoke later there was an almost audible communal sigh of relief from the passengers, though we were fairly certain the skipper had done it once or twice before.