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Steve & Chris
Fri 20 Jul 2012 19:55

Friday 20th July 2012


Yes, we seem to have developed that classic boat problem, common to many who just get too comfortable in a marina berth – sticky lines.  We have been planning to leave here for the last couple of weeks, but there always seems to be a reason to stay…


Usually it’s the weather – tropical waves (weather systems which come across the Atlantic from Africa and bring increased wind, waves and squalls with them) seem to pass over every couple of days, meaning we have to pick a window between them.  But it’s not just that – there’s also the social activities that seem to coincide with the weather windows.  Just when we think we’re about to leave, something comes up – this week it was a fishing trip for Steve on a sports fishing boat when he got his first taste of hauling a huge tuna out of the sea several miles off the Grenadian coast. 


m_P7210071.jpg                           m_P7190066.jpg

Scott-Free looking very comfortable in Port Louis Marina.                                             One of the catches on Steve’s fishing trip.


Also this week we have had a problem with replacing the propeller anode which has kept us in harbour.  But the main problem, if we’re honest, is that we really like it here and are in no hurry to leave! We do, however,  need to get the liferaft serviced, so a trip south is necessary.  Currently it’s looking like we’ll go Monday/Tuesday.


In the meantime, we are off to Guoyave on the west coast this evening for Fish Friday.  Guoyave is a fishing village and every Friday they set up stalls in the streets and sell fish cooked in all manner of ways.  We’re looking forward to trying some.


Fish has been quite a regular part of our diet while we’ve been here, as it is plentiful – plus Steve has taken to going fishing in the rib with Marco from Habibi.  They find a spot out in the bay and drop the anchor, then enjoy a few hours catching supper (they hope!)  Some days they are very successful, others not so much.  Steve seems to have reverted to ‘hunter/gatherer’ mode as he also enjoys coming back to the boat laden with fruit for which he has bargained a good price in the market. 


m_P7150065.jpg                                           m_P7110039.jpg

Marco & Steve show off the day’s catch.                                                                                              Bananas (here called figs), mangoes and avocados (here called simply pears)


Mangoes are abundant here – the eight in the photo cost EC$5, just over £1.  We’ve enjoyed many mango smoothies and breakfast of fruit and yogurt.  Occasionally we are slightly less healthy and have pancakes with the fruit – delicious!


m_P7050025.jpg.                           m_P7060028.jpg

Mango smoothie.                                                                                            Pancakes and mango, papaya and pineapple for breakfast.


With all this healthy eating, we should have sylph-like figures by now.  Not so – because we can resist anything but temptation, and tempted we are by the availability of chocolate – familiar chocolate like Cadburys and Mars, which are not readily available on other islands.  And…there is a bakery in the marina where they bake the most delicious Chelsea buns – full of cinnamon and raisins and drizzled with icing.  We try not to indulge too often, but we’ll need to go sailing fairly soon to prevent our waistlines spreading too far……


m_P6240004.jpg                           m_P6140112.jpg

Afternoon tea, a book, and a Mars bar.                                                                                Chelsea bun from the Merry Baker.