Snorkelling in Stafylos Bay

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Steve & Chris
Fri 31 Jul 2009 16:03
39:05N 23:43.8E
Friday 31st July 2009
For Rachel and Alan's last day we planned a lunchtime stop in Stafylos Bay for swimming and snorkelling, then on to Skiathos Town for packing and then a meal out at Taverna Agnadio overlooking the bay.
As we started to pull up the anchor warp, the guy on the boat next to us gave us a sheepish grin, and when we arrived at the anchor we found out why- he had laid his anchor chain over ours - and obviously knew he'd done it!  He did at least have the decency to row out in his dinghy and help us get unhooked and to apologise, so he wasn't all bad.  That is now three times we've had anchor problems here and although we would like it to be the last, we doubt very much that it will be! 
We arrived in Stafylos Bay by 12:30,dropped the anchor and went snorkelling.  The sea was almost flat and the water very clear, and we saw some fishes and R & A saw a baby octopus, but there is not a great deal to see in Mediterranean waters. 
Alan and Rachel snorkelling                                                                        Alan recovering from snorkelling!
After a leisurely lunch we set off again for Skiathos Town.