Kapi Creek

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Steve & Chris
Sun 12 Oct 2008 16:39
36:38.65N 28:53.6E
Sunday 12th  Ecincik to Kapi Creek
After rather a lumpy night at anchor, we set off for Kapi Creek. The wind had blown up in the night, and continued to blow 5-6, which meant we had a really good sail for the first few hours, stonking along at 7+ knots under a reefed main and partly furled yankee.  James enjoyed taking the helm - this kind of speed is more to his taste!
James at the helm - note Tom taking a turn on the after deck!
When the wind dropped, we shook the reef out of the main and switched to the genoa, but after an hour or so, it dropped even further.  We tried the cruising chute for a while,
Making the most of 4 knots of wind with the cruising chute!
but eventually even that couldn't make us move, so we resorted to the engine.  We arrived in Kapi Creek in time for a swim to cool off.
Tom couldn't quite decide whether to swim or not!
That evening we dined at the water's edge, with the most beautiful view...