Pacific Harbour to Sigatoka

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Steve & Chris
Sat 15 Aug 2015 21:38

Saturday 15th August 2015


After a leisurely breakfast, we packed  the car (the minibus had been replaced) and set off along the Coral Coast Highway towards Sigatoka.  This was a very pleasant drive along the coast and we stopped from time to time to take in the views.  In one bay there was a pier with a bure at the end, that appeared to be there just for the public to enjoy.  We wandered along it and looked down at the sealife in the reef which was easily visible at low tide.  On closer inspection the pier turned out to have been built by New Zealand and housed a tide height recorder.  We had been marvelling all along the pier at the quality of the build, and saying how unusual it was in Fiji – now we knew why!


m_IMG_6290.jpg                m_IMG_6300.jpg

A very well-built and attractive pier with a bure at the end.                          The tide was way out showing the extensive reef.


m_IMG_6299.jpg                            m_IMG_6292.jpg

The height of the tide was being recorded.                                           Just like being on Brighton pier!


We passed a sign for the Kula Eco Park which was on our list of things to do at this stop, and decided to pop in and check it out.  We decided to return for a guided tour the following morning so that we would then have time to wander the park unguided and revisit anything of interest afterwards.  We then drove on to the Crow’s Nest resort in Korotogo to check in, dumped our bags, and went to find some lunch in Sigatoka. 


Fed and watered, we then set off to find the Tavuni Hill Fort.  It is actually the site only, the fort itself having disintegrated some time ago, but some stones remain, and the guide apparently tells how the defensive site was used in times of war and gives an insight into the strong links between Fiji and Tonga in pre-colonial times.  After a long, dusty and bumpy ride along a dirt road, we arrived at the site to find it closed.  A sign outside gave no clue when it would be open, but we assumed it would not be until after the weekend, so it looked like this was one piece of Fijian history we sadly would not get to see. 


With some of the afternoon left, we headed off to the sand dunes visitor centre.  By the time we arrived, however, it was around 4 p.m. and enthusiasm to begin a walking trail through the dunes was not much in evidence - especially as we were all a little tired from the previous day’s exertions on the river.  So we decided to return to the dunes on Monday morning.


Our plans made, we enjoyed a pleasant evening back at the resort.  We went for a gentle swim in the pool followed by drinks and dinner in the terrace restaurant, and then an early night.


m_IMG_6303.jpg                m_IMG_6301.jpg

Our villa was very nice - split level with bedroom and bathroom on upper, entry level...

m_IMG_6305.jpg                m_IMG_6304.jpg

and bedroom and kitchen/diner on lower, garden level.                                A few snags though – no socket at worktop to plug in kettle!


m_IMG_6308.jpg                m_IMG_6307.jpg

Steve opened the cupboard and the door fell off!                                             At lower garden level we had a pleasant veranda.


m_IMG_6306.jpg                m_IMG_6419.jpg

The garden out front, with the sea through the trees.  Very nice.               My Keens drying off – they were very smelly after the river trip!



A gentle swim to round off the day.