Snug and warm

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Steve & Chris
Thu 5 Nov 2015 19:15

28:36.345S 157:21.336E


Thursday 5th November 2015


Day’s run:  127 nmiles

Total distance run:  627 nmiles


A slightly better day’s run, mainly due to the 20-25 knot wind that kicked in this morning.  We woke to a very grey day with 100% cloud cover – the front has arrived.  We have had rain on and off, the seas and the wind have picked up making it much more uncomfortable than so far.  When the rain started Steve said there was no point in us both getting wet, so I have been lounging around down below for much of the day, snug and warm.  It’s great. 


m_PB050252.jpg            m_PB050254.jpg

Reading my book.                                                                           Watching a DVD.  Such hard work.


Steve has been watching the seabirds that have started to join us, and wondering what the smaller ones are.  We shall look them up when the opportunity presents itself.  I have been keeping my fingers crossed that not too much of the contents of the lockers that are crashing and bashing around at the moment will be broken when we get to land.  Most certainly we will have to open the lockers carefully!


With our better speeds, Steve now thinks it likely that we can make Coffs harbour by Saturday morning, ahead of the strong southerlies. We have emailed them and they have confirmed they will have a space for us in the marina – the outer harbour looks somewhat exposed.  So that is where we are now headed.