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Steve & Chris
Sun 16 May 2010 13:58
36:17.59N 30:09.04E
Set off from Kekova around 08.30 and motored in no wind for about 16 of the 18 nmiles.  For the last two miles we switched off the engine,put up the genoa and sailed very very gently into the harbour.By 12.30 we were bows to in Finike Marina.  We gave the boat a good hose down as it had rained in the night and at the moment the rain is full of reddish brown sand,so everything was covered in it.  We put up the flags and the boom tent and settled down with a beer and lunch.
This afternoon, Steve, Pete and Mary have gone off to the local Hamam to get hot and steamy.  I preferred to take a cool shower and chill out on deck with a book (and enjoy the peace and quiet,but don't tell them that!)