Rodney Bay, St Lucia

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Steve & Chris
Tue 8 May 2012 04:07

14:04.706N 60:57.547W


Tuesday 8th May 2012


Distance run: 119 nmiles


Before leaving Dominica, we took the boat over to the fuel dock and filled up the tank and jerry cans.  The diesel was a very reasonable price, around EC$15 per imperial gallon, making it less than a pound a litre.


We set off around 1530 for an overnight trip to St Lucia.  The sky was very overcast, with lots of squall clouds and little wind from varying directions making it hard to sail for any length of time.  We were once again joined by dolphins, who looked quite eerie in the reflected red glow of our port navigation light.


We sailed for about half of the trip, mostly making use of the wind associated with squalls, and on the final approach to St Lucia across the Martinique/St Lucia passage we romped along at 7 knots over the ground.  Unfortunately the squalls brought heavy rain as well as the wind, so we also got very wet – again!  In a lull between downpours we briefly hove to in order to allow the collected rainwater to drain out of the rib, as we were slightly concerned it might fill up!


We arrived in Rodney Bay around midday and just got the anchor down before another torrential downpour.  We toyed with the idea of going ashore to check in, but weren’t too keen on getting drenched yet again so have left that until tomorrow.  We need to go to the supermarket and stock up on fresh provisions as once we leave here there will not be an opportunity for supermarket shopping again until Grenada.