Blue Mountains (3) - Jamison Valley

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Steve & Chris
Mon 11 Jan 2016 22:18

Monday 11th January 2016


We left Blackheath and drove on to Katoomba, the main town of the Blue Mountains.  We decided to avoid the crowds at the Echo Point Lookout, and leave the Three Sisters until later in the day, and headed instead to Cliff Drive where we parked the car near the Katoomba Falls Kiosk, and set off to walk along the track and down the Furber Steps which had been cut into the rock in 1906. 


This turned out to be a lovely walk past waterfalls and with magnificent views out over the Jamison Valley.  At the bottom of the steps, we walked around the boardwalk in the valley, and then caught the scenic railway (steepest in the world, apparently, at 52 degree incline) up to the top.  It was then a gentle stroll along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk back to the car. 


Later, when the day-trippers had left for the day and the town had become less busy, we drove to Echo Point to look out at the Three Sisters rocks.  We had already seen them through the trees on our walk earlier, but it was good to see them close up from this excellent viewpoint.  By now the sky was darkening behind them and so we saw them lit up from below.  Quite an impressive sight.  We decided to return tomorrow morning to see them in daylight.


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