Scott-Free’s blog
Steve & Chris
Tue 30 Sep 2008 15:52
36:45.165N 28:56.452E
A bit of wind meant that we did actually sail some of the way to Gocek, putting the double headsails to good use in light airs.  In Fethiye Bay the winds picked up and we sailed virtually all the way into Gocek.  We parked in the municipal marina and found some boats with CA burgees, which was good because we had no idea where to find the restaurant for the dinner!
We joined the CA group for drinks on the quayside before dinner, and met a couple who were surprised to hear that we were from Scott-Free as they were expecting to see Gavin and Sukey, the boat's former owners.  It seems that many of the people there will be spending the winter at Marmaris too, so we shall not be short of company.
Dinner was a social affair 
that ended with coffee and nightcaps on Scott-Free - during which Brian managed to check the insides of his eyelids once or twice - although not as much as the previous evening!
The following day we said goodbye to Brian and Margaret after a very nice lunch...
and spent the rest of the day chilling out.  Tomorrow we head back to Marmaris.  There are lots of bays and places to visit in Fethiye Bay (we know because we sailed here 4 or 5 years ago on a charter holiday) but we decided to save them for when James comes out to visit on the 10th.