Passage to Wakatobi Day 2

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Steve & Chris
Tue 8 Aug 2017 04:32
05:05.708S 124:59.503E

Tuesday 8th August 2017

Distance run: 131 nm
Total distance run: 297 nm

We made good progress yesterday in a good wind and sunny skies. Seas a little lumpy but not too bad. We decided to reduce sail and slow down just before dark last night, as we need to slow down anyway and going slower at night makes keeping watch easier and more comfortable. There is more wind than forecast, however, and we are still making good speed under main alone. Unless it drops, we will probably have to put a reef in the main to slow down further still.

Both nights have been brightly lit by a full moon, and last night a couple of commercial ships crossed our path. Otherwise all was quiet, and although this morning dawned a bit cloudy, the sky has cleared and the sun is shining.