Back in the marina - cleaner

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Steve & Chris
Sun 25 Oct 2015 23:01

22:16.620S 166:26.393


Sunday 25th October 2015


Distance run: 10 nmiles


We lifted the anchor in Baie Maa around 1500 and pointed our now clean bow back to the marina.  It was a pleasant, gentle sail back through the calm waters of the lagoon.  As we neared the entrance to Port Moselle Bay we were reminded by the many boats also heading back in of the ‘Hamble Scramble’.  Back home, when we used to take ‘Storyline’ out at weekends, we would join the long line of other boats returning up the Hamble River to their moorings in the late Sunday afternoon after their weekends afloat.  That was exactly what was happening here, and once we had tied up safely in our slip, we sat in the cockpit with a beer in hand and watched the boats pass one after another back through the breakwater and into their berths.  It made us feel quite nostalgic.