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Tue 24 Aug 2010 16:04
36:41.79N 02:47.4W
Tuesday 24th August 2010
We left Cartagena late afternoon on Saturday (21st).  Serafina left at the same time as, although they didn't need any work done, they are due in Duquesa to meet up with friends on holiday there later this week and the weather for their planned journey looked unpleasant, so they decided to use the weather window and spend a few days at Almerimar before making for Duquesa.
The wind was fair when we left and we enjoyed about six hours of cracking sailing, romping along at 6-7 knots.  All good things come to an end though, and the wind dropped and soon we had to put the engine on.  It stayed on then until we arrived in Almerimar around 5 the next day, where we parked in a handy slotnot far from the shower block and a few boats away from Serafina.
It being Sunday, we didn't call the boatyard until the next morning but within a few hours the rudder had been looked at, the autopilot drive had been taken away for testing and we had booked a lift-out for 8 a.m. on Tuesday.  Steve went off with the Raymarine guy and watched as the autopilot drive was taken apart to reveal a broken cog in the gearbox.  A phone call was made to Lewmar in the UK who will not send a new gear, but will send a new gearbox, but we have to wait a day while they put one together!  Why they can't just send the part we need is a mystery, but not one we will dwell upon.  The new gearbox should be dispatched today, Tuesday, and will hopefully be with us on Friday.  Fingers crossed that will be the autopilot problem sorted. 
This morning we moved the boat to the slipway at 8 a.m. and were out of the water by half past.  Because we plan to go back in tomorrow and are not antifouling, they are leaving us in the slings overnight.  The rudder stock has been re-packed and the antifouling patched up.  We discovered we also had some damage to the antifouling on the keel, which would have happened when we were moored bows-to between other boats on the Rally, and their anchor chains dragged across the keel.  Apart from that, the hull was looking good and very clean. We cleaned up the prop and greased it, the anodes are still like new, so she is now ready to go back in the water tomorrow.
Scott-Free in the slings, looking good