Ayos Kirikos, Ikaria

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Steve & Chris
Fri 22 May 2009 15:24
37:36.8N 26:17.7E
Friday 22nd May2009
There was some wnd and we had a pleasant sail for about an hour in the evening light and arrived in the harbour at Ayos Kirikos.  The reality didn't quite match up to Rod Heikell's description and we had to ease our way into a tiny harbour, alongside a concrete pier, with just one other, small, yacht there.  They kindly moved back to allow us space, but then we felt ourselves bump the bottom.  There was a bit of swell and we were touching bottom quite often.  The other boat still had a bit of room to move back, so when they came back from dinner ashore, we asked them if they would move again.  They were very happy to do so and said if we still touched bottom we should go alongside them.  Fortunately we didn't need to do that because the extra couple of metres gave us the depth we needed.  They were very nice chaps - Swiss - and we invited them on board for a nightcap.
We had a wander around ashore, but didn't find the locals particularly friendly or the food in the supermarkets very cheap.  We ate on board and left early the next morning.