Farewell Gala Dinner

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Steve & Chris
Wed 26 Jul 2017 21:08

Wednesday 26th July 2017


Today we chilled out a bit after a couple of hectic days, then went ashore at  4 o’clock to get the coach to a beach resort for the Farewell Gala dinner.  It was a long drive which crossed the island from west coast to east coast (Debut to Langurr) and then turned left and went from the east coast back to the west coast, north of Debut.  Clearly there was no road straight there.  After more than half an hour on the lumpy roads I was beginning to wonder whether it was a good idea coming, but when we eventually arrived at the pristine white sand beach, I instantly changed my mind.  It was beautiful!


We signed in and were handed Bintang beers and a traditionally woven neck scarf each, and then the traditional dancing began.  That was followed by modern dancing, which everyone was invited to join.  An hour or so later, the dancing stopped and the speeches started.  Thankfully they were not too long, and then it was time for supper.  The Bintangs kept flowing, the food was good, and the dancing started up again soon afterwards.  Boy, do the locals like to dance! By 9 o’clock we were wilting, so we went to find a coach for the ride home. 


m_IMG_3313.jpg                m_IMG_3304.jpg

Beautiful white sand beach.                                                                                        The evening started with traditional dancing.


m_IMG_3307.jpg                m_IMG_3312.jpg

Then the “band” took over and the modern dancing started.                      The white t-shirts headed a line of dancers around the beach.


m_IMG_3309.jpg                m_IMG_3315.jpg

Steve posed with the traditional dancers.                                                             As darkness fell, it turned into an outdoor nightclub.