On the hard at Chichester

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Steve & Chris
Wed 16 Apr 2008 23:20
<<DSC_4129.JPG>> 50:48.00N 00:49.00W

We moved to Chichester Marina as Brighton were unable to lift the boat
out of the water or unstep the mast and as we needed the former so that
the forward looking sonar could be fitted and the latter so that the
rigging could be replaced, a move was necessary.

Predictably the wind was right on the nose for the trip, but she sailed
well - our first real sail as there had been no wind at all on the
delivery trip and we'd had to donk all the way.

She came out of the water as planned on Monday 14th and the jet wash of
her hull showed us we would need to give her a new coat of antifoul.

Here she is with a newly painted bottom - looking very smart!

JPEG image