St Mary's Cathedral

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Steve & Chris
Sun 20 Dec 2015 23:46

Sunday 20th December 2015


We walked on down Macquarie Street and came across this chap – Il Porcellino – a bronze wild boar, outside the Sydney Hospital.  It is a replica of an original by Pietro Battiste Tacca which has stood in the straw market in Florence, Italy, since 1547.  The inscription says that if you drop a coin in the fountain and rub his nose, you will have good luck, and the hospital will benefit from your donation.


m_IMG_7345.jpg            m_IMG_7346.jpg

Il Pocellino – a bronze wild boar.                                               Now for some good luck – fingers crossed!


Further down Macquarie Street as we approached Hyde Park, the spires of St Mary’s Cathedral appeared above the trees, and then the whole beautiful building appeared across the gardens.


m_IMG_7347.jpg                m_IMG_7359.jpg

The spires of St Mary’s Cathedral above the trees.                                            The Cathedral seen from Hyde Park.


m_IMG_7360.jpg           m_IMG_7361.jpg

The Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park.                                                                     The front of St Mary’s Cathedral.


We crossed the road to see if the Cathedral was open to visitors, to have a look inside, and found that a Carol service was soon to start, so decided to stay.


m_IMG_7362.jpg           m_IMG_7369.jpg

The Cathedral is beautiful inside.                                                                              The choir leads out at the end of the service.