Wineglass Bay

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Steve & Chris
Tue 2 Feb 2016 15:17

Tuesday 2nd February 2016


The camper van bed was very comfortable and we both slept well.  After breakfast we went for a stroll around the campground and the edge of the lagoon.  It was such a lovely spot we wished we could stay longer.  In the middle of the track we came across a baby Bennett’s wallaby feeding from its mother, and it was lovely to hear birds singing.



Breakfast time.                                                                                                                



Wake-up call.


We left the campground to make our way to the Visitors’ Centre at the entrance to the Freycinet National Park.  There we bought a 60-day Pass which will allow us and the van into all the National Parks in Tasmania.  After browsing the exhibits about the flora and fauna in the park, and picking up a walks leaflet, we drove to the Wineglass Bay car park and set off up the hill to the lookout.  It wasn’t a long walk  but it was quite steep in places, and so we took plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the views.



The guide shows the walk from the car park on the north of the peninsula up between Mounts Mayson & Amos.


m_IMG_8615.jpg            m_IMG_8616.jpg

Choose your walk! Good information boards...                 with good advice.                           


m_DSC_8140.jpg       m_DSC_8146.jpg

Pink granite rocks.                                                           Admiring the view on the way up.


m_DSC_8152.jpg           m_DSC_8163.jpg

Not enough headroom under this boulder.                                                          This really shows the pink of the rocks.


m_DSC_8151.jpg       m_DSC_8144.jpg

Thirsty work.                                                                      Worth it for the wonderful views.



Time for a rest stop on this ‘Saddle Seat” designed by students from a local art college.


m_IMG_8602.jpg                m_IMG_8604.jpg

More pink granite and wonderful views.                                                               And there it is – Wineglass Bay.  Beautiful.


m_IMG_8606.jpg                m_IMG_8607.jpg

And here we are, at the lookout, with a clear blue sky and the peaks of the Freycinet Peninsula behind us.



And one with a bit of pink granite!


We settled ourselves on a rock ledge at the lookout.  We were joined by a friendly wallaby, and despite the signs asking people not to feed them, this chap decided he knew better.



The black paws, ears and nose identify this chap as a Red-necked or Bennett’s wallaby, common in Tasmania.


Having drunk in as much of the view as we could, we started our way back down.  The signs told us in no uncertain terms that we had to go down a different route, and remembering some of the narrow parts of the path up, this seemed a good idea.  Plus, of course, we got some more fantastic views.


m_DSC_8150.jpg                m_IMG_8612.jpg

Not this way then!                                                                                                          A nice shady pathway.


m_DSC_8168.jpg                       m_IMG_8610.jpg

By Boulderfield Junction.  We decided not to walk down into Wineglass Bay itself, the view from above was plenty!


m_DSC_8171.jpg                m_DSC_8173.jpg

More lovely views on the way down.


m_DSC_8164.jpg                       m_IMG_8613.jpg

Some sort of worm in this eucalyptus tree?                          Such a beautiful clear blue sky.