Ormos Panormos, Skopelos

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Steve & Chris
Wed 8 Jul 2009 16:20
39:06.3N 23:39.6E
Wednesday 8th July 2009
After another hot night which saw both Kerrie and Lee sleeping in the cockpit, and a late breakfast, we pulled up the anchor and found that we had again caught something with it.  Fortunately this time it was only a slimy brown sea cucmber which had settled itself between the points of the anchor.  There was much hilarity as it looked exactly like a big brown poo, and it didn't seem to want to leave, despite us dragging the anchor across the surface of the water in an attempt to dislodge it.
So 'Cyril' the sea cucumber came for a ride with us, out of Loutraki harbour and along the coast a little, before it obviously decided this was boring and oozed itself out of its niche and back into the water with a plop.
We had a fair wind so we hoisted the sails and Kerrie took the helm with Steve giving instructions and explanations in his inimitable way...
...and very soon she went solo - better at it by far than her mum!!
In fact, she turned into a bit of a speed freak, calling for more wind, and when it didn't come, steering the boat off course just to make it go faster!!  She was obviously enjoying this, because Lee didn't get a look in.
We arrived at our anchorage, dropped the bow anchor and took a long line ashore, with Lee rowing the rib and Steve pointing him in the right direction.
Then it was time for a swim in the cool, clear water.  The anchorage was a lovely little place, calm and peaceful, and we spent the rest of the day swimming or chilling out.  That evening we took the rib across to a little jetty, and found the path through the woods to the beach around the corner, where we had dinner at a taverna on the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
Finding our way back to the rib was interesting in the dark, as we only had one torch with us and the path was only wide enough to walk one by one, so those at the back tended to grope their way, but we made it back to the boat in time for a nightcap and bed.