Excellent snorkelling, Happy Hill, Grenada

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Steve & Chris
Fri 25 May 2012 20:19

12:05.573N 61:45.409W


Friday 25th May 2012


Distance run: 4 nmiles


We spent the morning encouraging James to stow his few belongings and fitting the new bowthruster control that he had brought out with him.  This looks a rather tacky plastic affair, but Steve is very chuffed with it.  It was simplicity itself to fit as the faceplate was exactly the same size, including screwholes, as the old one, and the wiring just unclipped from the old and into the new.  The best bit, however, is that it is a joystick rather than push buttons, which means it can be used without the need to look at it.  Goodness knows who designed the old one (which is actually the more recent model but already out of production – I wonder why?!) but they definitely wouldn’t win any prizes.



The replacement bowthruster control – tacky but effective!


We slipped the lines in the marina after lunch and were very soon picking up a buoy in a bay just 4 nmiles up the coast.  Anchoring is not allowed as it is part of the Marine Park, and private yachts should pick up white buoys, but as usual the red ones intended for commercial craft such as dive boats were in a much better location near the reefs, and as the bay was completely empty we picked up a red one.  There was no need to use the rib as we could swim from the back of the boat over to the reef, and as we were getting ready to do so, the Marine Park wardens arrived.  They were very friendly guys who explained the Park rules and collected our mooring fee of EC$26.70 (about £6) and wished us a good evening.  They were completely unconcerned that we were on a red buoy, but said that it would make their lives easier if we moved to a white one later as it would avoid them getting a telling off from their boss if someone reported us.


Steve and James set off for the reef and it was clear that there was much to see as they were gone a long time.  On their return to the boat, Steve declared the snorkelling excellent and the best so far, anywhere.  (Typically I had decided to be lazy and pass on this one.)  Unfortunately our underwater snapshots cannot do even the slightest justice to the colourful world below the surface.


m_P5250051.jpg                                           m_P6030053.jpg

White whales?  No, Steve & James snorkelling in Happy Hill bay.                                                Brightly coloured coral.


We moved to a white buoy and were just thinking how nice it was to have a lovely little bay to ourselves when three Sunsail boats turned up.  Oh well, there’s enough room for everyone.  We barbecued some steak for dinner and watched the beautiful colours in the sky as the sun set.