Mattawoman Creek, Potomac River

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Steve & Chris
Thu 7 Jul 2011 16:38
38:33.47N 77:12.37W

Thursday 7th July 2011

Distance run: 27 nmiles

We finally pulled up the anchors and took our leave of Washington DC around lunchtime today, having spent a very enjoyable three weeks in the nation's capital city. We really like this city and all the people we have met here, from the folks at the yacht club who couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly, to the people on the street who stopped to ask if they could help us, to the lovely bus drivers (ladies and men) who bent over backwards to help their passengers and who actually seemed to ENJOY their jobs - to just about everyone we came across in fact.

We did loads of things while we were there, and when wifi allows I will fill in the gaps, but will just mention a couple of the highlights. We took a couple of buses into the Georgetown area of the city, and what a difference we found. This is an older part of town, and has a completely different feel. It has terraces of small houses, a long main street crammed with mostly small shops and is really rather quaint.

We were invited to a 4th July party on Scott & Freddie's boat 'Chardonnay' and met more very nice and interesting people. The fireworks were excellent - in fact it was like Guy Fawkes night at home without the scarf, gloves and overcoat!

We went to see a production of 'The Merchant of Venice' by the Shakespear Theatre company, which we really enjoyed, once we got used to hearing Shakespearean English spoken with an American accent! Scott & Freddie are patrons of the theatre, and as we went with Freddie, we were able to enjoy the comforts of the VIP lounge during the interval. Many of the cast had been at the 4th July party so it was fun trying to recognise them in their makeup and costumes.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and if we are to make it to New York this year we have to move on now. After much thought we have decided to haul the boat out of the water and store it ashore for August & September, and to fly back to the UK for six weeks to see family and friends. We are still very much enjoying our trip, but this is often tempered by missing everyone at home, so we both decided a trip back in the summer would be good. It means that we only have three weeks left though to get up to New York and back to the Chesapeake, and as it will take us a week to get there, we really do have to get a move on!

Today we have had a short run down the river to get us on our way. Tomorrow we will have an early start and hope to make it to the mouth of the Potomac ready to pop out into Chesapeake Bay the day after. New York here we come!