Jumby Bay

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Steve & Chris
Tue 29 Mar 2011 20:47
17:09.2N 61:46.3W
Tuesday 29th March 2011
After a peaceful night at anchor in Dickenson Bay, we set off for Jumby Bay. Although it was only a matter of 10 miles or so around the north coast of Antigua,this part of the island is surrounded by coral reefs and we needed the sun to be overhead in order to pick out the different shades of colour in the water in order to avoid the reefs.  It was a very pleasant sail around the top of the island and we arrived in Jumby Bay in time for lunch and anchored in 3 metres of water.  I was very glad we had re-marked the anchor chain just before James's arrival, as we have been anchoring in no more than 5 metres since he arrived!
It was a very pleasant bay,with only one other boat anchored.  The peace and tranquility was spoilt only by the water taxi that left frequently and at high speed from the jetty not far away.
There was no evidence of the swell that had spoilt Rob & Sarah's night in the bay, and we had a very pleasant night there.
Jumby Bay