Norman Nomates

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Steve & Chris
Sun 1 Nov 2015 22:53

23:38.408S 164:32.84E


Sunday 1st November 2015


Distance run: 134 nmiles (22-hour run)


We can’t remember the last time we sailed a passage of this distance without another boat in company, and it seems quite strange not to see another sail out there.  We feel a little like Norman Nomates.  Suppose we’ll just have to talk to each other.  Hmmm.


Our first day’s run hasn’t been too bad.  We raised the sails soon after leaving the harbour and were soon shooting along at 7+ knots in 17-20 knots of wind.  We were through the Passe de Dumbea by 1600 and maintained speed until the early hours of the morning when the wind died to 8-12 knots from the east and slowed us right down. 


Quite cold at night, but sunny and warm during the day.  All well on board.