Five Island harbour

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Steve & Chris
Thu 24 Mar 2011 04:02
17:05.3N 61:53.68W
24th March 2011
Distance run: 25 nmiles
The anchor was up and we were away by 0900 for the 25-mile trip around the bottom of the island and up to Five Island harbour on the West coast.  Another very pleasant sail, this time with the wind behind us for much of the way and then on the beam,only heading us as we turned into the anchorage.  Unfortunately it did so with 22 knots of wind, which was a bit of a surprise as we'd had 10-15 knots all day with just the occasional gust. 
The harbour is huge and there seemed to be little shelter, with strong wind whistling off the hills and white tops on the waves even close in.  Having had a good look around we decided to anchor in Hermitage Bay which seemed to offer some protection, and so we felt our way in using the echopilot and anchored in just a few metres of water.  It was indeed calmer in here and we had a very pleasant afternoon and evening and a comfortable night, but would not say it has much to commend it other than the wonderful view over the ocean and sky at sunset.  
Five Island Harbour